NYC-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Melika, dropped the new video for her track 1010 last week. The video, directed by Kateryna Czartorysky, begins with her walking into a bedroom colored in indigo and magenta fabrics. Before her head falls onto a pillow, her body transcends into the ethereal.

“Respect we moving slow // Breathing through our hopes,” she sings, as gentle visual overlays move from visions of psychedelic dreamscapes to New York City skyline. A silver subway car leaves the platform. “I am inside // easily // easily // Comfortably.”

Melika’s voice is raspy, sensual, soft as she dances under the light of the golden hour. She sings to the city atop a rooftop in front of an ombre sky, sitting on the steps of an obscure, and familiar, fire escape. Melika shared, she “felt moved to create a track that represented the lightness and sweetness of love.” But to the ones that know this city–have lived and loved in it–1010 is an homage, a letter of love of its own kind.