Welcome to November, and happy Solar Return to our Scorpio readers!

The ever intense and energetically charged Scorpio season is upon us. The veil is thin, and the cosmos are busy as always.

All around the globe flora and fauna are evolving with the cycles of nature; reminding us that death and rebirth is never far from reach, and the universe wants us to pay attention. It asks us to see these (r)evolutions not only in reference to our own lives and loss, but to the archetypal elements of Scorpio. Scorpio energy directs us to look at how we harness our own shedding, endings, new love, and hope to move forward. To reassess how we hold and express emotion, and to accept change with grace.

We’re beginning November at a pivotal point of Venus Retrograde, with this Goddxss planet moving out of Scorpio and back into Libra around the 1st of November. Libra is one of Venus’s signs of rulership, so they are calm and comfortable (well, as comfortable as a planet can be during a retrograde cycle!) while moving through this part of the sky. Their influence returns us to a place of seeking harmony and grace in our interpersonal relationships and passions, encouraging a willingness to release energies centering rage and revenge that Scorpio might have brought up. Compromise and resolution are on the horizon once again.

We also have a hugely important transit coming up this month around November 8. Jupiter, the planet of luck, tolerance, and fortune will move back into its home sign of Sagittarius after a 12 year journey. This movement will come loaded with bold vibrations, and encouragement towards cross-cultural exploration. Jupiter in Sagittarius energy asks us to shift our questions to center the “where,” and responds with “why not” when we say no to adventure!

Last but not least, on November 16 just as Venus begins to wrap up their Retrograde, we enter an infamous Mercury Retrograde cycle which will last until December 6. This perpetual retrograde motion in the skies will keep us fairly inward and reflective, continuing the theme of redefining love and passion as Autumn progresses in the Northern Hemisphere.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this November.

**A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs, and read those predictions as well. Seeking one’s self based solely on a Sun Sign reading can be inaccurate. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one built on all planetary positions when you were born.**

Art by Nandini Moitra


This is a month of expansion for you, Aries. When the Scorpio new moon occurs on November 7 in your eighth house, matters of intimacy and ancestral connectivity are seeking a fresh start. You may feel called to look beyond what currently surrounds you relating to love and faith. Asking yourself how the expressions of intimacy you give and receive could evolve to nourish you/your spirit more.

Use the Mercury retrograde energy at the end of the month to do some introspection. Journal through your thoughts to find more clarity about your future goals. The closer you get to fully articulating them, the more likely Jupiter in Sagittarius will send some fellow fire sign blessings your way!


November is here with a sigh of relief for you, Taurus. Uranus will briefly move out of your sign until 2019, slowing down the rapid-fire changes that their influence has been encouraging. Surprise will be replaced with some stability for this period, granting you space to evaluate some major life events which have been flowing since the beginning of June.

Your ruling planet, Venus, wraps up their retrograde path at the end of this month. Should you have the emotional energy, use the final weeks of this phase to socialize and make some new connections.


It’s going to be an eventful month for you, Gemini! The skies are flooding your life with truth-seeking energies. Just as Venus wraps up its retrograde cycle, your ruling planet Mercury will go retrograde around the 16th of November. This new Mercury cycle in conjunction with the full moon in your sign around the 23rd is making it a very powerful time for you to deepen existing romantic partnerships by practicing radically honest.

Cosmic energies are encouraging you to make some big decisions in relation to how your intimate bonds dictate the path you take in matters of the 10th house (career, reputation, and material outputs). Where does your willingness to compromise come from, and where is the hard-line where it ends? Be fearless with your words, and if things seem grim, trust that Jupiter in Sagittarius holds something exciting for you on the horizon.


Water sign blessings are here for you this month, Cancer! You have every reason to get excited about the Scorpio new moon coming up around the 7th of November. This new moon wants you to flex the fun-loving, creativity that you harness in your everyday life to nourish the spirit of others. If you’ve been struggling with artistic/creative blocks this retrograde season, the tensions they have built up are due to be released as Neptune’s dream-like influence stirs your soul.

Pay close attention to how others hold space for you in the coming weeks. With so much extroverted energy in your skies, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping balanced, and that others aren’t taking advantage of the infinite love you have to offer.


The skies are speaking to you in your mother tongues, Leo. As the planets Jupiter and Uranus move into fellow fire signs Sagittarius and Aries, the fortune their movements bring is all the more easy for you to understand and harness! Lessons you’ve been learning in relation to matters of the ninth house (travel, pedagogues, opening your mind) are going to evolve with clarity, and luck will be on your side.

While this Mercury Retrograde may involve the usual miscommunications and banal disorder that they all do, Jupiter in Sagittarius is here to shake things up a bit. Use this time to deepen the love you’re cultivating for your partner(s), intimate and otherwise. The blessings you’re expecting this month might be standing right in front of you!


Matters of the home and origin are on your mind this month, Virgo. Your ability to find solace in your own space is keen to be nourished, asking for time of introspection and retreat from the outside world. Jupiter’s blessings seem to be locating themselves in the people, places, and feelings that you consider elements of your home. As your ruling planet Mercury soars across the sky in conversation with Jupiter, it’s a great time to seek healing in your roots with the people who grew you and general relationships that time has tested.

Use the Scorpio new moon on the 7th of this month to think about how your communication can be improved or maintained with people from both your present circumstances, and past chapters of your life. Often times healing is a journey that we can’t embark on alone.


For you, Libra, Uranus moving into your opposite sign. This will provide ample Aries energies which indicate transformation within your social interactions. In Aries vibrations, it is all about the “me”– a blunted and direct cosmic force who knows how to be direct and honest! From this, there could be a shift occurring where you find yourself focusing your usually wide social scope to just one, or a few people.

Look out for the intention you place in these relationships, as this wider Venus retrograde season can put people in front of us with ulterior motives to the ones we perceive them to possess. Try not to treat people as a crutch, and be sure that you’re always actively tending to the seeds of your independence and autonomy.


You have a powerful month in store, Scorpio! I cannot stress how excited I am for you to experience the new moon in your sign on the 7th of November. The way this lunation is speaking with Neptune will make expansion possible for you to overcome some major career and/or creative blockages that have been weighing you down. The transience and serenity of Neptune’s energies can fill the new intentions you set with an uplifting potential to move forward granting inspiration and motivation to press on in the journeys you started around the first week of September.

Your ruling planet Pluto is in conversation with this new moon as well. They’re conveying a sense of urgency to the cosmic messages you’re receiving, and nudging you to trust your instincts when it comes to major decisions you’ll be making this month.


This is month is genuinely all about you, Sagittarius. Your sign plays the lead role in cosmic events occurring throughout November, as your ruling planet, Jupiter, returns to your sign; bringing with it fortune and luck. The first week of the month is a great time to put forward new energy and ideas into the world. Whether it’s launching a campaign, dropping an album, or investing time into a project that you’ve become more closely involved in over the past few months, the skies are here to blur your doubts with positive outcomes.

Think of others during this exciting time. With so much wholesome movement happening for you, it’s important to remember that celebrating alone isn’t always ideal. Hold space for your friends, and think about how redistributing the resources available to you is a crucial part of helping your communities.


The skies are encouraging you to seek comfort in others this month, Capricorn. Retreat into the company of people you love around the new moon occurring on November 7th. Your heart is full of gratitude, making now a great time to give and receive affection and appreciation. Pluto is in your sign, working with the Scorpio new moon to give you a vibrant energy of radical compassion as well.

Harness this energy into the space of your relationships (specifically friendships) – not just your career! Jupiter moving into Sagittarius is encouraging you to take risks, and the cosmos is here to support any big decisions you make around this time.


Hello, Aquarius! As your ruling planet, Uranus, retrograde backwards into the sign Aries, you’re called to think about your sense of self in relation matters of the first house. The first house involves your body, individuality, identity, and how elements of them come together as a whole to comprise the person you are today. It is also worth noting that if a major part of who you are involves the groups or affiliations you have, November may become a time where you’re called to push yourself towards deepening those bonds as a crucial matter of defining who you truly are.

Make sure you’re honestly interrogating some of the beliefs you uphold in this month of contemplating of selfhood. Staying open to alternative ideologies at this precarious socio-political time reveals to us hard truths we all must face.


November is bringing you clarity and drive, Pisces! Around the middle of the month Mars enters your sign, bringing a renewed sense of focus to the adventures you’re currently pursuing. At the same time, your ruling planet, Neptune, is exiting its retrograde phase and going direct. This dreamy planet is set to provide clarity about your path in life, which may very well feel like the revelation you’ve been waiting for all retrograde season.

As Venus retrograde comes to a close and Mercury retrograde begins, be gentle with yourself. Also consider how spending your life pleasing others and compromising on your needs can cause you to veer from paths that the universe wants you to take! In matters of love, be sure to speak your truth and allow Venus in Libra to bear the weight of justice it’s capable of exercising.