Fresh off the festival success of Moshari, filmmaker Nuhash Humayun is back with another horror short – Foreigners Only, part of the third season of Hulu’s Bite Size Halloween, zooms in on the micro injustices of neo-colonialism in the modern age.

In Bangladesh, where Foreigners is set, there is a clear and deep preference for expats. Landlords want white tenants. Shopkeepers usher white customers to the front of their busy lines. Among this, a tannery manager attempts to find an apartment to rent, but the landlord rebuffs him with a sign reading “Foreigners Only.” The viewer is subjected to grizzly real depictions of fat being sluiced from skin as the manager’s frustration and mania grow.

Injustice after injustice push him to the brink until he’s forced to fix the situation in a gory, dark, and darkly humorous way.

Watch Foreigners Only on Hulu now.