Internet cult favorite Taher Shah released his newest music video “Angel” on Friday. This bizarre song, which features the moon-faced, fairy-esque singer walking slowly through rolling green hills while the refrain of “I am like an angel, mankind’s angel, lonely for you” repeats over and over, seems like the perfect parody but it’s actually entirely genuine.

Angel 3

Shah, and his elegant assortment of gowns, quickly racked up over 30,000 tweets and was trending on Friday.

Many of the jokes are mean-spirited but the Pakistani businessman who accrued a following of 45,000 on Twitter after his 2013 release “Eye to Eye” doesn’t seem to mind.

Regardless of whether you think he’s an artistic genius or a hack in a tiara, Shah is still riding the Internet’s click wave to the top.

Watch the full video below.