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Delhi, like biryani, has been cooked with the varied spices of cultures and religions over time to become the city it is today. Previously known as Shahjahanabad, this was the last city built by the famed Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Today, it is known as India’s capital city.

Shahjahanabad consisted of the Red Fort, which is an example of the true craftsmanship that existed in the architecture of the Mughal empire.

Residing beside the river Yamuna, the city was a center of trade, with a large presence of Urdu and Farsi poetry, visual art, music, food, textiles, and jewelry. Because of its richness, it attracted a variety of people.

For the Mughals, the city was a cultural hub. I personally have always felt that Delhi is a melting pot. Its strength lies in the presence of Persian, Urdu, Punjabi and English cultures. Through this photo-essay, I wanted to document food, architecture, and the overall daily life of the wanderers of India’s capital city, to capture its rich history.