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It’s a quiet day, and rain pours incessantly outdoors. You’re awake and alone, accompanied only by the humdrum of your own breathing. You made yourself a chai, but it quickly lost its warmth while you weren’t looking.

You’re feeling blue, but can’t quite discern why. Or perhaps you’re keenly aware, but can’t seem to see the end in sight.

Artists, too, have been experiencing this mood shift. South Asian musicians have embraced the “sad girl” vibe, giving the emotion a new form and meaning. From Jasmine Thakral’s self-identifying “dreamy sad girl indie pop” to Samica’s emphatic R&B to Tanmaya Bhatnagar’s introspective folk, these indie musicians openly express their vulnerabilities so that we can look inward into our own.

Inspired by diverse singer-songwriters across the diaspora, this selection of songs from 2022 is here to tell you that you aren’t alone. Passionate and pensive vocals, deeply personal lyrics, and gentle accompaniments are a common thread through these songs. Whether you’re riding home in the subway after a long day at work or struggling to fall asleep at 3 am, immerse yourself in this playlist to find the catharsis you may have been longing for.