Off his latest studio album The Way That Lovers Do, Prateek Kuhad’s new single “Favorite Peeps” explores the feeling of pain and the accompanying desire for human connection. The song’s graceful swung melody overlays a simple guitar rhythm, and is decorated with synthesized pitch bends, melismatic vocal stretches, and shrill bell tones.

The music video shows Kuhad writing the song while out of tune with his surroundings, until an emotional revelation occurs inside him.

The soft vocals and lyrics give “Favorite Peeps” the familiar intimacy that is Kuhad’s signature style. Despite this, there’s an urgency in the song that is most obvious when he sings “I should stay strong, but I wanna give up” and energetic background beats set in.

The final lines “Patience is fatal, but pain is not weak” make clear the message: that it’s okay to not feel strong. To need people. Because we may not realize it but coping with that pain is strength in itself.

“Favorite Peeps” is a timely addition to Kuhad’s newest collection, just as the world emerges from the pandemic, craving for camaraderie and closeness.

The Way That Lovers Do is now available to stream.