Tasneem’s new single, “All Your Cousins,” remixed by producer Dave Sharma, melds love with revolution. The Canadian-American singer-songwriter wrote the song first with romance in mind, thinking of the time in a relationship when you know someone well enough to meet their family, their cousins. Tasneem wanted to speak to the power of familial ties, especially in immigrant and diaspora communities the weight, meaning, and understanding that all come with glimpsing a loved one’s family life.

“There was this idea that kept happening in my head I’m going to meet all your cousins because I know you and love you,” they said.

The song then took a turn, as during the writing process the #MeToo movement was at its height. The song transformed from a traditional love song into one written as a wake-up call that reminds us that while love is important, so is the movement.

“I wrote this song to myself, like hey don’t forget what you stand for, don’t forget what’s happening, and don’t forget that you’re a big part of it,” they said.

“All Your Cousins (Dave Sharma Remix)” is part of Tasneem’s forthcoming EP, Just Before the World Ends, which drops Friday, September 27th. Listen to the single, available for free download until October 4th, on SoundCloud now.

Header image by Katy Pritchett