There’s a lot of things I can’t with today — the town hall debate that aired, this fall weather that has me sniffling, it’s a lot of things. But this cover, pictured above, I swear, is the icing on my snot cake.

I have no idea what Priyanka Chopra, who is featured on the new issue of Condé Nast Traveller’s Indian Edition (what even?), is trying to say with her shirt. On it the words refugee, immigrant, and outsider are all crossed out while “traveller” remains uncrossed.

She’s not a refugee? She’s not an immigrant or an outsider? No. She’s a traveller.

The conflation of identities between being a refugee and being a traveller is extremely privileged and repulsive. It sounds like something the white kid with dreadlocks in your hostel abroad would say.

Twitter had a lot of thoughts about it. One person even called it “An appalling, dehumanising, privilege-strutting, racist message.”

While some claimed the message on the shirt was supposed to be something like “Refugees, immigrants, and outsiders are all banned. Who’s next?” The interview that accompanied the cover didn’t back that up.

In the interview, Chopra speaks mostly about her “citizen of the world” mentality, saying “You don’t need a house. You just need a great travel agent.”

Not exactly political. Definitely privileged.