Filmed by Mexican filmmaker César Orozco, Qais Essar’s music video “Poppy Flowers Bloom in the Springtime of My Love,” from this album Tavern of Ruin, is spell-binding and unsettling.

It follows the story of two alien lovers, Qosimo and Qosima, who are searching for each other. Qosimo travels through the desert, climbing dunes and exploring highways, before reaching Salvation Mountain in Arizona.

Essar told Reorient the video is about love.

“This gift of love and homage to God in the desert embodies the whimsical theme of the pysch-jazz/bossa nova-inspired piece so well,” he said. “The video tells the story of Qosmo and Qosima, estranged lovers in search of each other, who find one another on the mountain — which is in itself a declaration of love.”

Watch the whole video below.