We’re missing songs of the summer. And, for many of us still in lockdown, we’re missing the summer entirely. Rafi’s new single “Dumbfound” gives us back some of what we’ve lost this year in ease and carefree spirit. With his friends on the beach, and shot simply by Bledar Fida and Thalia Perez and edited by Rafi himself, the rapper visibly looks like something from a before time.

The concept for the video was simple, Rafi told Kajal.

“Bledar, Thalia, Orlando (the one holding the speaker in the video) and I got a rental car and drove out to Rockaway Beach for the day. Besides knowing I wanted to shoot at the beach, we didn’t really have a treatment or specifics in mind,” he said. “We spent the day playing the song off of a portable speaker, smoking and calling out shots on the fly. It was one of the more memorable days this summer, being it was the first time seeing my friends since quarantine. The whole day was a refreshing escape from everything.”