Popular Trinidadian chutney musicians Ravi B and Nari’s recent “Gulabi Aankhen” remake boldly refashions the 1970 Bollywood classic with a global twist.

As a master of chutney soca, Ravi B is no stranger to fusion. His music effortlessly weaves Indian filmi and Afro-Caribbean soca styles to create a distinctive chutney sound.

This time, with “Gulabi Aankhen,” Ravi B takes it a step further. Comprising lyrics in three languages, the song begins with a lively Spanish vocal prelude that soon gives way to the melodious opening verse of “Gulabi Aankhen.” A vigorous dance rhythm pulses in the background, alongside an array of metallic drum beats. The song continues to alternate between full-length Bollywood verses and shorter Latin and Western pop interludes.

The music video features solo reggae performers in the Spanish segments, while Ravi B and Nari groove to the entire song on a pleasure cruise – a visual assertion of the song’s strong dance appeal.

The inclusion of Spanish music sets apart “Gulabi Aankhen” from Ravi B’s earlier songs, and has the interesting effect of rendering it a pan-Caribbean track. Ravi B has frequently evoked a pan-Caribbean sentiment and outlook in his songs, such as “Sari Duniya”, which includes an exuberant shoutout to different Caribbean communities, and “Tribute to Sundar Popo,” which commemorates chutney music pioneer Sundar Popo. In “Gulabi Aankhen,” the romantic Bollywood favorite plays an effective bridge between the diverse genres of chutney soca and Latin pop.