The freedom of Sagittarius season can feel like relief after an intense month spent in Scorpio. This month brings about openness, opportunity and enthusiasm. The sun is in Sagittarius it inspirers us to live with an expansive optimistic perspective on life. Broaden your knowledge of the world in whatever way feels right to you during this time. As a fire sign, the sun in Sagittarius can almost feel as it illuminates the world.

This season will ask you to accept disorder as an opportunity to make your life grow. Possibilities are endless if you allow yourself to indulge in what you may deem as impossible or impractical. Restlessness to escape your current reality is a common theme among this fire sign. Lean into your surroundings and ask yourself how you can live a life bigger than the one you are living now. Ask yourself if you are limiting yourself through existing routines.

This Sagittarius season trust that each step you take will create unimagined possibilities. Treat rules that bind you as though they aren’t even there.

*Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.*


Dear Sagittarius, in the nature of your ruling planet expect synchronicity this month. Although you may feel that you’re stretched a little thin, your personal and professional connections work to your advantage, moving you toward achieving your goals. Practice immersing yourself in a discipline integrating body, mind, and spirit. This period is time for you to expand your sense of who you are and explore what is possible. Take a risk towards bringing this vision into a reality. Getting back in touch with inspiration may take some digging but will ultimately brings you into greater harmony with yourself.


With the Sun in your 12th house, this month’s expansive energy permeates your inner world. Your intuition is stronger than usual, and you can more easily access guidance and perspectives other than your own. To tap into this rewarding source of wisdom, spend time in solitude and pay close attention to your dreams. Your creative sensibilities are heightened, and you may feel more confident about expressing them. Keep a dream journal and allow yourself to let go of anything too serious. The inspiration you gather now will serve you well when you’re ready to come out of the shadows next month and start a new cycle when the sun is in Capricorn. Old ways of operating will only slow you down. Ask yourself how you can move forward and release the past as the moon on the 29th will lead you towards new beginnings.


This month your ability to embrace life to the fullest is invigorating. Creative energy is driven by a powerful intuitive awareness and you are open to opportunities to share your talents. Instead of just hoping, alter your energy in a way that will allow you to feel the fullest measure of opportunity. It’s time to remove your fears, drop your barriers, and allow the flame to burn brightly. Igniting your optimism about the future, the Sun visits your 11th house expanding personal visions. Connect with people who can help you reach your lofty goals is easier than ever this month, as your magnetic powers are amplified. Make the most of this lucky time.


The auspicious Sagittarius Sun lights up your 10th house of career and public image, inspiring you to take risks in your professional life. You have the opportunity to get a different perspective on your work in the world, and discover what success really means to you. If you’ve been longing to take your work in a new direction, now is the time to make your move. The Sagittarius sign of the archer is known for impulsivity but be careful to not jump to any conclusions. The hard work and extra responsibility this month will result in big rewards in due time; be patient.


As a fellow fire sign you can easily embrace the energy available this month. The sun lights up your 9th house of travel which stretches your desire to reach across boundaries both mental and physical. In order to reach new territory, focus on making meaningful connections with others and those who can provide the best source of opportunity or support. Be direct if you want something and act on your ideas this period. Commit to a grounded plan of action for expanding your life and achieving your idealistic goals.


Lighting up your 8th house representing intimacy, the Sagittarius Sun invites you to broaden your emotional horizons and take the risk of connecting more deeply with others. Merging energy and resources with trusted allies leads to unexpected opportunities for expansion. To take full advantage of the energy available, you may need to let go of old beliefs about yourself and your potential. What story are you telling yourself about your power? It could be time for revision. When Jupiter goes direct on the 15th, you will likely find old philosophies discarded in favor of new, progressive ones.


You’re likely to attract friends this month, with the Sun energizing your 7th house of partners. While your confidence is high in the relationship realm, take the risk of reaching out; where in your life are you not showing up for others? Greater self-awareness is necessary now through your connections. In case of any conflict, take the high road see it as an opportunity for greater honesty and depth. Get out of your head and into your heart during the Gemini Moon on the 13th. Trust your intuitive insights.


You may be busier than usual this month, with the excessive Sagittarius Sun in your 6th house of work and duties. With a positive attitude all this you can find this busyness to be energizing rather than draining. Try to stay present and focus on one task at a time. Your attitudes and emotions play a strong part in your sense of wellbeing. Be sure to include introspection and time alone to re-center amongst it all. Uncertainty will be present, sit with the discomfort until it feels safe to explore.


In your 5th house of Self-Expression, the Sun fuels your creative fire and ushers you into the spotlight. You have the opportunity to get in touch with the source of your inspiration and reenergize your artistic vision. Make time for the activities that feel like enjoyment; your heart will help you access the abundant creative energy. Notice if you tend to always satisfy the demands of others, be sure to look after yourself this month. Express yourself before you delve into other peoples lives. It is important to your growth.


The Sun visits the deepest part of your chart this month dear Virgo. The 4th house of Foundations expands your base of inner and outer support, placing emphasis on connections. You have the ability to take a higher perspective on what security means to you and a new vision for how to go about achieving it. Notice the elements of your life that feel nourishing and sustaining as well as those you may have outgrown. Express gratitude for what and who in your life support you helps build a stronger foundation.


Make your personal life your top priority this month, dear Libra. Maintaining a balance between your needs and the demands of others is a challenge but with the help of introspection you are able to navigate these muddy waters. In your 3rd house of thinking, the Sagittarius sun fires up your mental realm with brilliant ideas and an optimistic attitude. Speaking, writing, learning and teaching all come easy to you this month. Lean into the things that fuel your inspiration. When you take the risk of sharing your vision, you open up the opportunity to connect with like-minded allies. Your intuition is stronger than your logic right now, trust it.


Your clever ideas and sharp intellect work to your advantage this month. Your ability to persuade others will work to your benefit as opportunities to expand your income as the Sun lights up your 2nd house of resources. Take this time to strengthen your base of financial support and build greater security for your future. As you’re feeling more abundant, you may also be tempted to spend more than usual, take caution. Your approach to money, both spending and saving, will serve as a learning experience. Understand how your relationship with money can reveal your true beliefs and values.

All art by Nandini Moitra