Hello, and welcome to September!

I’d like to start by wishing Virgos and Libras a very happy Solar return! I am so excited about the all of the positivity and power in this universe this month, so let’s dig in:

We have a​ New Moon​ occurring around the 9th of September in Virgo. It’s in lush harmony with Pluto and Jupiter, while gazing lovingly at Neptune from across the sky.

We each get about one New Moon per year in our Sun Sign. This can be your most important lunation if you manifest it to be! It’s your personal New Year – a chance to let the cosmos know where you’re at, and/or ask for help.

On September 5th ​Mercury enters Virgo​, a sign where it’s comfortable and cozy. Mercury rules Virgo, and while stationed within Virgo’s mutable embrace, we can expect communication to be smooth and workable for all parties.

September 6th ​Saturn goes direct​ and is cozy (well, as cozy as Saturn can be…) in its home sign of Capricorn. The last 4 months of Saturn retrograde have given us a chance (especially those of us going through a Saturn Return) to check in with ourselves and make sure we’re on the right path.

In combination with this summer’s Eclipse energies, Saturn is bound to have rocked many of our metaphoric boats with big life questions. Things like “Is this action truly helpful to manifesting change? Is this relationship working? Is this job serving my career the way I want it to?” have all been in the mix.

Now, with so many planets stationed direct, this internalized energy is emerging in the form of potential for change. It can finally bubble over to help you move forward where need be. Embrace it!

All of this is happening in beautiful harmony, and leading us up to Friday September 7th… On September 7th​ Uranus in Taurus​,​ Saturn in Capricorn, and Mercury in Virgo​ make a Grand Earth Trine​! This occurs with all planets at 2 degrees, so it’s a 2:2:2 Trine.

In astrology, a ​Grand Trine​ is when planets are stationed in positions that create an equilateral triangle. For positions to be Trine with one another means they harmonize and allow for easy, natural energy flows.

When a Grand Trine occurs in signs of the same element (in this case, Earth signs) their energies understand each other; making cosmic forces powerful and positive.

Now, Earth signs are rooted strongly in this reality and are all about manifesting in the physical realm. This cosmic Earth-Trine Friday is a great time to get in touch with your needs, and think of the tangible. What you ​can​ do. What influence you are capable of putting out in this earth in a positive way, and what is in reach.
So what can we expect in the coming days, and where can we predict these events will guide us? Here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs.

**​A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs, and read those predictions as well. Seeking one’s self based solely on a Sun Sign reading can be inaccurate. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one, built on a​ll planetary positions when you were born.*​*


You’re moving quickly as always, Aries. Your ruling planet, Mars, is direct, and the sky at hand is working well with your naturally industrious attitude. However, the end of the month might bring you up against some discomfort! Around the 24th (give or take a day based on where you are in the world) there’s a Full Moon in your sign. Just as I mentioned earlier about how we have one New Moon in our sign each year, the same goes for the Full moon!

Full moons are a great time to find closure. They charge us up, and allow us to face truths we’ve may have been swimming in with our eyes closed. The end of this month is a strong time to reflect. When doing this, don’t be afraid to seek the solace of friends, or even ask them to hold up the mirror for you.


The sky is bringing you a lot to consider this month, Taurus! Being the sturdy yet playful Earth sign that you are, I can’t emphasize how important it is for you to ​really​ take into account everything mentioned above with the Grand Earth Trine. This is a time where the potential for renewed passion and a sense of hope are abundant. Enjoy it, and embrace the flirtatious vibes emerging from your ruling planet, Venus, entering it’s shadow phase.

Venus will begin to retrograde next month, and to prep for this treat your intimate relationships with fierce care and honesty. Let people know what does or doesn’t serve you, and be clear about what your boundaries are.


The September sky is bringing harmony to your chart, Gemini! The New Moon in Virgo feels safe and familiar. This feeling will help you cultivate the right energy for what this month is all about – the home and family.

Whether it’s a new housemate, a fresh move, or that moment of looking around and realising that you’re surrounded by lots of new chosen-family members; the cosmos are on your side in helping it go down well. Harness this positivity in everything you do! Trust that where you’re headed is the right direction. Should you find yourself in doubt, retreat home when possible; the answers you’re looking for could be there.


It’s time to hit the books, Cancer! And when I say books, I mean it both metaphorically and literally. Part of queering and decolonizing pedagogies means accepting that there are ​endless ways of generating knowledge, and that they’re all valid. Now is the time to feel confident in the knowledges you hold, and push even harder on your self-imposed limits.

Last month helped you gain a sense of assurance with what you’re good at. This month, it’s time to take yourself out of your comfort zone! All of this Earthy September energy is acting as a stabilizing force, making it the perfect time to try new things. Do a workshop, read a book, find a new podcast; just try something new!


Hi Leo! Things are looking good in the part of your chart that rules currency, both with what you’re spending and earning. When we bring up currency in astrology, it’s important to note that it’s defined in broad terms. Terms that start to move away from how we think of currency as a way that capitalism affirms us, and towards how we feel valued.

So, while September could be a time where you’re​ bankrolling, it could also mean that you’re simply getting a good return on labor your putting in. People might be expressing how much they love you and your work, or donating to a campaign you’ve been pushing. Regardless, fortune is on your side. Be open to receiving love in all forms this month. Keep your mind and wallet open, but be sure to sort out the details before making any big investments!


Let the healing begin, Virgo. This month unveils cosmic potential that could set you on a newfound journey towards mending old wounds. You’ve been looking inward this summer, and forming a firm grasp on what no longer serves you. Now, the New Moon and Grand Earth Trine are giving you permission to move forward.

However! Neptune standing across the sky from the Virgo New Moon might complicate things a bit. This mystical planet could rock you with its shadowy depths. Neptune tends to unlock creative potential and newfound understandings, but its means of getting you there isn’t always easy! Be gentle with yourself this season, and if you’re spiritually open to it, manifest your intentions doubly this month by doing a healing ritual on the day of the Grand Earth Trine.


It’s September and romance is on your agenda, Libra. The first 10 days of this month are a crucial time for you. The Venus retrograde season has just begun, and your intuition is keenly in tune with your heart! With Venus (your ruling planet) in her shadow phase it’s time to check in with yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask: “Do I love this?” or “Is this bringing me Joy?”

“This” in these questions can range from the place you live to your intimate relationships, but it could also be as simple as a meal you’re eating! Regardless of what “this” is, it’s time to connect with your passions. Release your decision making from social pressure, and choose what’s right for you, because when Venus begins to retrograde in your sign, your head might be eclipsed by your heart!


You’re a force to be reckoned with and you know it, Scorpio! You love fiercely, and your ability to be intense (yet nurturing) is unrivaled. This September you and the Libras are running in parallel with love on the brain. The Venus retrograde season has just begun, and this passionate planet will be moving between your sign and Libra over the course of the next few months.

With Venus in her shadow phase, she’s going to ask you to consider how love functions as a driving force in your life. You might feel the urge to pick up an old hobby, or visit a place that you associate with an amorous memory. Indulge yourself in love and/or lust, but don’t lose sight of your larger goals in the meantime!


Hi Sag! The skies are in harmony with your social nature this September. The New Moon and Mercury are in an area of your chart that bolster your public-facing persona, making now a great time to allow yourself to be seen! Embrace that people are noticing you in a new way, but be weary of how this attention impacts your ego.

This month also provides you with the potential to experiment in how you engage in conversations, and with so many people wanting to chat, perhaps it’s time to delve more deeply into the topics your discussing. Feed your mind and soul with plenty of interpersonal opportunities, but push the conversations past surface-level gab.


This month is all about learning lessons and teaching others, Cap. While you keep yourself busy with projects, side hustles, and activities alike, this month might inspire your need to give. A need to build community around the things you care about, and interact with others in meaningful ways.

Your sense of the “greater good” and “meaning making” is also driving you this month. Allow yourself time to meet new people, and truly grasp the range of experiences people have in this reality. If you find something particularly moving, don’t be afraid to channel your energy into unpacking it! Write about it, create public awareness, or even orchestrate a group discussion.


It’s time to tie up loose ends, Aquarius. Return that book you borrowed from a friend, send that apology letter, or call your client back! Use the energetic September sky to clear up any outstanding debts that followed you through Eclipse season – they’ll only stagnate you from moving forward this month.

The Sun and Mercury are in an area of your chart that can also help you spruce up your spiritual practice. If your interest in astrology, Tarot, or more traditional religions was sparked recently, go for it! Delve deeper. Nurture the parts of your soul that call out for more, and let them thrive without judgement. Only you know what you need, and sometimes all it takes is giving yourself a moment to listen to your inner self.


This month is all about saying what’s on your mind, Pisces! Don’t allow yourself and the valuable things you have to contribute to this world be diminished. All of the Earth Energy in the sky is grounding you, and giving you the ability to finally show the folks questioning your intelligence that they’re wrong.

If you’ve been waiting on something, and have felt frustrated or stagnant ​despite​ Mercury going direct – don’t worry. When Saturn goes direct on the 7th of September, the path towards your goals will clear. Enjoy this month for all of the positive aspects it brings you, and breathe a sigh of relief that eclipse season is over!