With his debut EP softworld out last month, electronic music artist and producer Shine Robbins gives us music that is futuristic and genre-defying.

From the convergence of classical and modern in “Blue” to graphic evocations of the living world in “Nest,” the eight tracks comprising softworld conjure a multitude of sonic and emotional worlds. Robbins samples and blends a melange of sounds to create an experience that ranges from enigmatic playfulness to vulnerable intimacy.

softworld’s musical theme is well-exemplified in “Inner Critic (I Hear It),” the penultimate and longest track of the EP. Featuring sharp syncopated beats, mediated vocals, and dynamic rhythmic movements, the track has a subconscious conversational effect.

In his debut collection, Robbins gives unrestrained vent to his inner child with all its desires and imperfections. In many ways, the diversity of the EP also expresses his resistance to a narrow definition of masculinity.

Just as Robbins does not hesitate to tread into uncharted musical territory, softworld invites us to let go of our mental confines and take a journey into the unknown.