Kajal Magazine accepts pitches for articles, article draft submissions, PR requests, and tips. Please follow the guidelines below when emailing us about a story:


Pitches should be concise and to-the-point. Please only send us a one paragraph summary of the story you’d like to write and include the names of the people you will be interviewing (if applicable), a quick list of the media assets (photos, videos, etc.) you’ll be including, and a word count range. Also, let us know the timeline for the piece and when you’ll be able to turn in a first draft and provide edits after we review it. If relevant, include links to other places you have been published. Please put “Pitch:” in the subject line of your email followed by a possible headline for your piece.

Article Drafts

If you have a finished draft ready for review, please email it as a doc attachment along with any of the media assets mentioned above and a list of potential headlines. We prefer pitches to finished drafts so our editors can discuss the story with you as well as Kajal‘s requirements before you undergo the work required to produce the piece. Please be advised that Kajal staff in most cases will require you to make revisions on your piece before it is published on the site. When you email us, allot time to handling edits and revisions. If relevant, include links in your email to other places you have been published. Please put “Draft:” in the subject line of your email followed by a possible headline for your piece.

PR Requests

While we do not prefer being sent PR requests and will not answer them most often, we are willing to make exceptions in rare cases. If you are a musician, artist, filmmaker, event planner, or representation for a creator, please be sure to include relevant links and photos for the work being discussed. Please also include near the top of your request any immediate news that needs to be highlighted (new EP out, new music video, film festival, gallery show, etc.) so we can schedule it accordingly.


If you have a tip for a story you can email us via the submission inbox below or send it to our editor Nadya Agrawal at Be sure to include “Tip” in your subject line.

Email all submissions to Any deviation from the guidelines above will result in delays for your submission. Unfortunately we are unable to pay contributors but we expect to change that soon so please keep an eye out for updates to our policy. We appreciate your patience.