In a short 55 second trailer, Surina & Mel. shows us what television shows could look like.

Even though it’s not out yet, Surina & Mel. from actors Surina Jindal and Melanie Chandra and former Family Guy writer Sameer Gardezi, has us excited. Besides having two South Asian women as the show leads, Surina & Mel. promises to show what it’s like to be young, hyphenated, and living in New York City.

The mundaneness of our lives is juxtaposed with daily microaggressions here. It’s not about the validness of identity, or illustrating specifically “brown” stereotypes or tropes to play to a white gaze. As the show’s creators say, “This isn’t a show about clashes with cultural traditions or conflicts with overbearing parents. It’s about two American-born South Asian women living in New York City who are figuring out what life looks like when you’re not quite a model minority nor a Bollywood star fighting terrorism on an ABC show, but kinda just two best friends dealing with the reality of the adult world.”

Watch the trailer below. Surina & Mel. is currently looking for distribution, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we see it on our screens.