A syzygy occurs when three planetary or celestial bodies are in alignment — when the sun, earth, and moon are in a straight-line configuration. Qais Essar and Alam Khan’s latest single, “Syzygy,” brings their traditional rabbab and sarod instruments into a new kind of alignment. They wrote and recorded the song all in quarantine, from separate home studios, hoping to capture the unique positioning they have witnessed in the current moment.

“I feel like we exist in a time where things are aligning for us to be able to evolve, it just takes realizing that to be able to do it,” Essar told Kajal.

The track itself takes on a jazzier, more upbeat sound than many of Essar’s previous works. Despite the toll that the pandemic has taken on full-time artists like him, Essar tried to channel a sense of positivity and optimism into the track.

“I feel like that’s the opportunity we’ve been given,” he said. “We’re all being taught a lesson right now, and this is a time for us to grow. All the catalysts are there for that to happen.”

“Sygyzy” is streaming now.