Asif Hoque is Our New Artist-in-Residence

March 27, 2017

His art comes by way of Italy, Bangladesh, and Florida. It’s been cold in New York for some time now. The snow has permafrosted, sticking to the sidewalks much longer than should be expected of a city on the cusp of deep Spring. As a chill rose this morning, Brooklyn artist Asif Hoque filled his room … Read More

Khushboo Gulati, Artist Showcase

December 14, 2014

Khushboo Gulati is a young, queer, Desi artist. She works in a range of mediums including graffiti and textiles. I met her when we were both studying at UCLA. Since our first missed coffee date she has taken on the systems of oppression and apathy through her vastly popular Chai Talks, a gathering of South … Read More