ICE Arrests Bangladeshi Man Who Has Spent 30 Years in the U.S.

February 6, 2018

UPDATE 2/8/2018: Syed Ahmed Jamal has been granted a temporary stay by Judge Glen Baker to allow his brother time to correct Jamal’s immigration status. Syed Ahmed Jamal of Lawrence, Kansas, was arrested by ICE on January 24th from his front yard while he was trying to drop his daughter off at school. Jamal, 55, had … Read More

Swap Your History Book for the Tenderly Curated Bengali Arts Tableaux

January 11, 2018

Burrow in the art and spirit of teleological research. Bengali Arts Tableaux is a set of stories, photographs, artwork, and ethnography constellating the rich, expansive, and under-represented Bengali art-world and history therein, as in South Asian culture there is no difference between these concepts. Mahdi Chowdhury produced and authored the 62-page collection to provide a … Read More

Asif Hoque is Our New Artist-in-Residence

March 27, 2017

His art comes by way of Italy, Bangladesh, and Florida. It’s been cold in New York for some time now. The snow has permafrosted, sticking to the sidewalks much longer than should be expected of a city on the cusp of deep Spring. As a chill rose this morning, Brooklyn artist Asif Hoque filled his room … Read More