Bangle Banger

Bangle Banger: State of the Union aDress

December 14, 2014

  As an artist I experiment with the mediums in which I express myself, but clothing has always been my favorite — how something so utilitarian could be a live-in, forever malleable, touch-and-feel kind of medium. I think the first question I get when I describe clothes as such is “why didn’t you become a designer?” And to … Read More

Inauguration: Bangle Banger for President

The creator of Bangle Banger, Anjana Raj, paired up with us this issue to present Inauguration: Bangle Banger for President, a fashion feature that created the not-so-fantastical fantasy of a Desi woman president. Bangle Banger, the blog that has taken over Desi Tumblr and put ‘Reclaim the Bindi’ on everyone’s lips, is Anjana’s baby. In … Read More