Browntown: Home Is Where the Bazaar Is

September 27, 2017

Negine Jasmine: In the heart of Artesia lives little India, which is located in southeast Los Angeles. The first time I visited the streets of Artesia was when I was eight years old, and even though I’m Afghan I’ve been enamored with the city ever since as it still provides a sense of familiarity. It … Read More

Browntown: Mill Ave, Tempe

February 2, 2017

Calcutta, oh Calcutta When I was five, I thought the world extended as far as Kolkata. I couldn’t quite fathom anything beyond our narrow, little neighborhood. When I moved to America a year later, I still didn’t realize how far away I had traveled. In fact, once we landed, I called my aunt back in Kolkata … Read More

Browntown Ep 2: Shahana Hanif

November 21, 2016

Community organizer and activist Shahana Hanif advocates for her people in the Bangladeshi neighborhood of Kensington in Brooklyn, New York. She focuses primarily on language access, disability justice and female leadership. In Browntown’s second episode, Shahana walks us through Kensington and points out the familiar mosques, activism groups, and discusses what it’s like to live … Read More

Browntown Ep 1: Anik Khan

April 21, 2016

Rapper and musician Anik Khan was born in Dhaka and grew up in Queens, New York. He raps about being Muslim, an immigrant, and his father, who was a freedom fighter in Bangladesh before they moved to the US. Last month his single “Too Late Now” reached the top of the stack of Spotify’s Top … Read More