Caste Discrimination Protections Are a Feminist Issue

April 27, 2021

This article was written by a group of South Asian feminist activists and students coming from a position of caste privilege and allyship. On April 29, the Santa Clara County Human Rights Commission is holding a public forum on caste discrimination that could lead to Santa Clara County becoming the first jurisdiction in the United … Read More

Jyoti Nisha Wants to Retell B.R. Ambedkar’s Story

February 12, 2019

Indian filmmaker Jyoti Nisha does not think anyone can claim B.R. Ambedkar’s image or politics. But with her upcoming film, B.R. Ambedkar: Now and Then, Jyoti weaves Ambedkar’s life and history as an opponent of Brahminical hegemony together with the current political climate and anti-caste movement, all from her own Bahujan feminist perspective. Kajal sat … Read More

Reading List: Dalit History Month

April 27, 2018

Oppressed peoples do not lack history, they are written out of it by intention. For instance, Dalits, a term of self-identification adopted in the 20th century by those formerly deemed “Untouchable” in the caste order, had been forbidden by a sacred Hindu text, the Manusmriti, from reading the Vedas, foundational, but brahminical, scriptural texts. They … Read More

Swipe Me Left, I’m Dalit

April 23, 2018

Everything from knowledge to housing to career is determined by one’s social location. And so are relationships. We are familiar with the stats from 2014 on OKcupid, which showed that black women were the least desirable group (Asian men were rated lowest by single women). Closer home, there is no survey to justify a similar … Read More

Party ZINDABAD! Is Bringing Dalit and Muslim Experiences to South Asian Art Spaces

April 21, 2018

South Asians at the margins – queer, Dalit, Muslim, Bangladeshi, Tibetan, Sikh, Nepali, Pakistani, Shi’a and religious minority backgrounds – have been excluded from the institutions and cultural spaces in the United States that are catered to South Asian communities. From South Asian history departments across American universities to art spaces that uplift marginalized voices, … Read More

Caste Discrimination in the United States

April 3, 2018

Last week, the research and advocacy organization Equality Labs released a report on Caste in the United States. The national survey that formed the basis of this new report was, according to Equality Labs, the first comprehensive look at caste identity and discrimination’s prominence within diasporic South Asian communities in the States. Equality Labs describes itself … Read More