Aparna Nancherla Is “Just Putting It Out There”

August 6, 2016

“Let’s get started,” she says as the set opens, “because we don’t have much time left. On Earth.” Aparna Nancherla’s comedy can be described as a classic. Her nasally, bird-like observations of a single woman simultaneously dealing with depression and joking about it is a mold we’ve seen before. She could be described as a classic. But I … Read More

Hari Kondabolu Is Finally A Mainstream American Comic

July 26, 2016

“Why does the Devil need an advocate? He’s the Devil!” Hari Kondabolu is part of the new dynasty of internet comedians. But where other internet-fueled, politically caustic comedians like Aamer Rahman are chaotic good, using every second to bring vital information to light, Hari is more of a neutral good, poking us with the truth but … Read More

Master Of None Just Got A Bag Full Of Emmy Nominations

July 24, 2016

On July 14, the Television Academy handed out Emmy nominations and, with them, plenty of reasons to be excited. Among the numerous hype-worthy choices made by the Academy were four nominations to Aziz Ansari and his Netflix hit comedy series, Master of None. To some extent we expected this, but, really, this is the best … Read More

Muslim Comedian Hasan Minhaj Spells Congress’ Job Out For Them

June 17, 2016

Hasan Minhaj of The Daily Show laid into Congress for their inaction on gun control at the Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner. Orlando, he said, “was one of the ugliest cocktails of the problems that we still see here in America. A cocktail of homophobia, xenophobia, lack of access to mental healthcare, and sheer … Read More

Mindy Kaling and the Curse of the Coconut

May 11, 2016

On this week’s The Mindy Project, Mindy goes on a blind date with an Indian guy. A hot Indian guy. She comments that she barely knows any Indians to which he calls her a “coconut” and refuses to kiss her goodbye. “Are you saying I have tiny hairs and fall out of trees?” Mindy retorts. “That’s mean!” … Read More

JusReign Exposes Desi Birthdays For What They Really Are

March 29, 2016

JusReign, Canadian-Punjabi Youtube sensation who is so famous in North America I don’t even have to write this description, has aged well. Where his original videos were five-minute long rambles about Miss Pooja and other niche Punjabi experiences, his content has evolved to be larger commentaries on immigrant identity, Desi lives and politics on the … Read More

Girliyapa Is Here To Laugh About Periods

March 28, 2016

For menstruating people, our underwear has become a battleground were massive companies wage war over our health insurance, which cotton insertables we buy, and what language we can use. And yet, cheesily enough, we’re the ones spilling blood. Add in cultural baggage, mental and physical exhaustion, and an entire cis male population who can’t walk down … Read More

Why Not Me?, Book Review

September 17, 2015

Mindy Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me?, released Tuesday, is an invitation to chill with a plucky person we think we already like. It’s about trading gossip, exposing insecurities, finding love, righting misconceptions — but also just about shooting the shit. An Indian-American woman who’s already well-liked finds new ways in this book to further endear herself … Read More

Maggi vs. Porn

August 12, 2015

  Recently, Maggi was banned in India due to concerns of excess lead in the products, breaking Desi hearts all over the world. This disastrous decision only matched the devastation from a few years ago, when India also prohibited the consumption of pornography, provoking a number of responses. Last Tuesday, India overturned this decision after … Read More

The Scrutiny of Amy Schumer

July 10, 2015

Currently, the greatest debate surrounding stand-up comedian Amy Schumer is just how feminist she is. While some accuse her for perpetuating sexist stereotypes in her sketches, others note her criticism of male and female gender tropes. Regardless, Schumer’s comedy relies on gender to be funny, but she is often scrutinized for how she discusses gender. … Read More

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