Aladdin Live-Action Remake “Browns Up” White Extras

January 9, 2018

Disney’s Aladdin, apparent bane of my existence and the film company’s new live action remake, has been accused of “browning up” their white extras. Set in the fictional city of Agrabah (you know, somewhere oriental and exotic), where “brown” people dwell, Aladdin’s extras have been receiving extreme tans on set for what I can only … Read More

Aladdin Just Got Whiter

September 6, 2017

The creators of the live action Aladdin remake somehow managed to find a way to include a white person. Billy Magnussen, of Into the Woods, will be playing a new character, in the film. He is supposedly a prince who is rivaling Aladdin for Jasmine’s hand. This is not a character from the original animated film … Read More

Gandhi’s Voice in Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’

May 6, 2016

  I was thrilled when I heard the voice of Christopher Walken as King Louie in Disney’s The Jungle Book! I would call this a genius move on Favreau’s part as it allowed him to break away from the anti-black racism that is associated with Disney’s 1967 version. But I wonder if audiences have been … Read More

The Suitable Girl: #NotAPrize

April 22, 2016

“You’re only in trouble when you get caught.” I spent so many afternoons as a kid laid out on my carpet, my stomach pressed into the yarn while my legs swung behind me, watching Disney movies. My grandparents’ video store always kept me well-stocked on VHS tapes, and I would watch them until they broke … Read More