Raniyaan di Raunaq is America’s First All-Women’s Bhangra Competition

May 23, 2019

There has never been an all women’s bhangra competition in the United States. That’s changing this summer, with the first all-women’s competition ever to be held this August in Washington, D.C. — Raniyaan di Raunaq. Competitive bhangra, which started as an expression of homeland Punjabi culture, has become its own subculture, with competition norms, online … Read More

Party ZINDABAD! Is Bringing Dalit and Muslim Experiences to South Asian Art Spaces

April 21, 2018

South Asians at the margins – queer, Dalit, Muslim, Bangladeshi, Tibetan, Sikh, Nepali, Pakistani, Shi’a and religious minority backgrounds – have been excluded from the institutions and cultural spaces in the United States that are catered to South Asian communities. From South Asian history departments across American universities to art spaces that uplift marginalized voices, … Read More

Sakhi’s ‘Our Bodies, Our Stories’ Was a Showcase of Feminist Talent

October 20, 2016

It was a much-needed platform for story-telling. “I was just talking to some people backstage about how we all really needed this,” Senti Sojwal reflected, still flushed and beaming after a wildly successful night of performance and storytelling at The Bell House in Gowanus this month. Presented by Sakhi for South Asian Women in honor of … Read More