Sakhi’s ‘Our Bodies, Our Stories’ Was a Showcase of Feminist Talent

October 20, 2016

It was a much-needed platform for story-telling. “I was just talking to some people backstage about how we all really needed this,” Senti Sojwal reflected, still flushed and beaming after a wildly successful night of performance and storytelling at The Bell House in Gowanus this month. Presented by Sakhi for South Asian Women in honor of … Read More

“Our Bodies, Our Stories” Is A Storytelling Event For Anti-Gendered Violence Work

October 6, 2016

Sharing poetry and prose to combat domestic violence and sexual assault. Sakhi for South Asian Women is kicking off Domestic Violence Month with an all-star night of feminist poetry and performances. “Our Bodies, Our Stories” will take place next Tuesday, October 11 in Brooklyn, New York City. Hosted by Kiran Gandhi, the night is for telling stories … Read More

‘Her’ Is An Electronic Project About Femininity In 2016

October 4, 2016

Madame Gandhi wants you to appoint her. Summery synth meets the social circumstance of femininity in Madame Gandhi’s “Her,” a new music video released first on The FADER. Gandhi worked with other female artists, coproducer and sound engineer Alex Riner, and art director and graphic designer Wendy Figueroa, to bring this project to life. In this music … Read More

In A Sea Of Anonymous Female Athletes, India’s Womens Field Hockey Team Is Known

August 12, 2016

Despite being a battleground where women athletes have proven themselves again and again, the Olympics has so far been a disappointing grocery list of misogyny. Here is some of the bullshit we’ve been treated to this week: Twitter body-shamed Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno. Katie Ledecky was called “the Michael Phelps of women’s swimming” after her gold medal win. … Read More

Our Pathological Fear of Women Like Qandeel Baloch

July 18, 2016

The murder of the outspoken Pakistani social media celebrity, Qandeel Baloch, has left millions of people enraged and shocked within the country as well as the diaspora. Baloch first rose to popularity when she auditioned for Pakistan Idol in 2013. Her dramatic reaction for not qualifying was brought to the attention of hundreds of thousands … Read More

A Letter to Qandeel Baloch

July 17, 2016

Dear Qandeel, I have to start off by being honest. Like half the Pakistani population, I had never really been a big fan. In fact, I was one of the people that would laugh at you, speak out against your actions, and roll my eyes every time a new controversy arose. When I woke up … Read More

Girliyapa’s “How I Raped Your Mother” Is A Damning Critique

May 18, 2016

We love Girliyapa, the no-holds-barred all-girl comedy video team from India, and we’ve covered some of their work in the past. But this video, which parodies How I Met Your Mother, a show that had an obsessive following in parts of India, is hard to laugh at. It starts with a young woman returning to her … Read More

Baljit Singh’s “Paraya Dhan” Exposes Dowries Through Art

April 12, 2016

Artist and photography Baljit Singh’s new photo series, “Paraya Dhan” is a direct commentary on dowries. In her photographs she has layered typical dowry items over the new brides, obscuring them from view so where you might see a nervous, shining face you just see dollar bills. Her imagery is simple and yet evocative — the cartoonish … Read More

Feminist Aunties

February 19, 2016

Where did you find feminism? From whom did you find feminism? My project in Living a Feminist Life was to tell my feminist story: the story of how I became a feminist; what I have learned from being a feminist. To tell a story can be to find things out; what comes up along the … Read More

The Period Between the Old World and New

February 15, 2016

I heard once that the reason why menstruating women were not allowed originally into Hindu temples was because menstruation was revered — as the feminine was considered divine already, women who were bleeding were believed to be especially attuned to the power of God and their prayers would therefore be heard first. If they entered the temple … Read More

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