Kohinoorgasm’s “Chalo” Is a Tender Show of Femme Power

October 18, 2018

Artist Kohinoorgasm‘s latest music video “Chalo” premiered yesterday on the Fader. Depicting a picnic respite by the ocean, the video by director Jing Niu is all about soft touches and sisterhood. “‘Chalo’ celebrates cultures of queer femme mutual support and queer femme abundance despite misogyny’s attempts to deplete us of our power and magic,” Kohinoorgasm … Read More

Kohinoorgasm’s New EP Celebrates Music’s Role in Political Resistance

May 10, 2018

To celebrate the release of Kohinoorgasm’s new mini EP Synthwali and the War Empire, Kajal caught up with the enigmatic experimental musician, known offstage as Josephine Shetty, to discuss being welcomed by the QTPOC arts scene, where our tax dollars are going, and music’s role in political resistance. We last caught up with you back … Read More

The Shining World of Kohinoorgasm

October 7, 2016

She’s producing experimental, synthy music for far-flung internet children. Here’s the backdrop: an entire generation of would-be inventors hammer out lines of computer code in their parents’ garages, a world’s worth of immigrants have been upended on elite high schools where they take top prizes in every subject, and a burgeoning art scene is rubbing … Read More