Qais Essar

Premiere: Qais Essar’s “The Culmination of a Sorrowful Life” Is a New Classic

August 10, 2018

Produced by Afghan-American filmmaker Ali Baluch, Qais Essar’s newest video brings a simple visual approach to a complex song. Unlike Essar and Baluch’s last, more experimental collaboration, “REVOLUTION: Part I ANTHEM,” the video pieces together straightforward shots of Essar playing the rabab in two different settings. According to Essar, the simple concept of the video … Read More

Qais Essar’s “The Ghost You Love Most” is a Sonic Novel

April 14, 2018

Qais Essar’s latest album The Ghost You Love Most dropped this week. The dawn of Qais Essar’s third album is a blossoming, a “coming into.” For his first two albums, Tavern of Ruin and I am Afghan, Afghani is Currency, Essar was sowing his keep among prolific musicians. This time around, listeners are gifted a … Read More

Qais Essar’s “I Am Afghan…Vol. II” Positions Him as Our Budding Ustad

March 15, 2017

Kajal got an exclusive first listen for Essar’s upcoming EP, to be released March 17th. In the dripping everglades, there is a girl laying on her back watching her ceiling mold as she finds air in the softly spiraling interlude, “Kabul Ta Zo,” scored with city horns and market voices. Her bronchioles relax and a corporate … Read More

Take Me To The Tavern Of Ruin

July 13, 2016

Instrumental music is tricky. My attention needs to fixate on something visual, either a physical scene or a sung one. Something to house my feelings and racing thoughts. For a long while the power of a good instrumental has been lost to me. Qais Essar‘s Tavern of Ruin has broken that lull. This album, a collection … Read More