Raveena Shows Us the Way with Lucid

May 31, 2019

Raveena’s new album Lucid, is the end of May. It’s the end to a springtime of anticipation. It’s the purples of a late sunset, the warm breath of an evening breeze. After releasing two singles, “Mama,” an ode to mothers and all they give, and “Stronger,” an assertion of true agency, Lucid fleshes out the … Read More

Raveena Is Taking Advice From the Moon

February 13, 2018

It’s frigid cold outside. Raveena Aurora, better known online simply as Raveena, and I have hurried across four blocks in the East Village to find a single bar that’s not overflowing with people on this freezing Saturday afternoon. By the time we stumble upon one, a small European-style pub with rich cherry wood furnishings, we’re … Read More

Let Raveena Aurora Wrap You in a Daydream

December 28, 2017

Find strength and surrender in a pink dream. I want to keep Raveena Aurora’s music a secret. It is empathic and sensual. Her voice is a tender derivative of her soul; I want to put a shell around it and protect it from the world’s clawed fingers. Dreamscape melodies meet in houses of chill-groove and … Read More