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Reading List: Dalit History Month

April 27, 2018

Oppressed peoples do not lack history, they are written out of it by intention. For instance, Dalits, a term of self-identification adopted in the 20th century by those formerly deemed “Untouchable” in the caste order, had been forbidden by a sacred Hindu text, the Manusmriti, from reading the Vedas, foundational, but brahminical, scriptural texts. They … Read More

Reading List: How Black Political Resistance Informed South Asian Resistance

April 9, 2018

Black political resistance, in many ways, paved the road for South Asian resistance. Here’s a reading list that highlights that history. These pieces explore the family stories of working-class South Asian immigrants in Harlem and New Orleans, solidarity between Black liberation activists and Indian freedom fighters, and contemporary takes on South Asian Americans and the … Read More

Reading List: Violence Against the Rohingya

February 1, 2018

Violence and discrimination against the Rohingya minority of Myanmar has a long history. 1978 was a pivotal year in this story of increasing marginalization, when a state campaign of expulsion caused more than 222,000 refugees to flee to Bangladesh. As a result, today’s refugee crisis has roots that go back years. The most recent wave … Read More