May 8, 2015

in madrasah they taught us Allah has one hundred names, asmaa’ al-husna allah ar-rahman ar-rahim al-malik al-quddus ramadhan: dadima keeps the TV on the Islamic channel “khabees, idhar aao” calls me over to watch the du’a with her 10 minutes before iftar, she smells like adhrak and tulsi the day-long sweat of kitchen-labor, masterchef of … Read More

A Jain In China

December 14, 2014

  Day One: Whoa. So I had no idea how good I had it being vegetarian in the United States. People told me that living in Shanghai would be relatively easy, since after all it was one of the most international cities in mainland China. But if this night is any indication, it won’t be … Read More

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