Kajal Vol. 2: Love Machine

May 16, 2018

This piece was originally published in Kajal Volume 2, Mytho-Techno. Order your copy of the magazine here. Social commentators often lament that technology explodes the world into a thousand little pieces, each floating about in alienated orbs, only touching when they collide in anger and acrimony. In market speak made social speak, they call this … Read More

Pakistan+ Paints a Contradictory Future

March 28, 2017

Art that juxtaposes the many parts of Pakistan. The concept artist Omar Gilani, based in Lahore, has already gained some notoriety through his illustrations for the Tabeer original music series by Patari, Pakistan’s premier music streaming service, and his wide-ranging freelance work. Now the internet is buzzing with excitement over his experimental Pakistan+ series, in … Read More