“Descendants” Tells the Diaspora Story Like It Is

September 17, 2019

You might recognize actor Paul G Raymond on his turn in Black Mirror, as the member of an AI space crew battling against the whims of a power-tripping nerd in “USS Callistter.” His latest short film “Descendants” offers a different perspective on the millennial milieu – in which friends with benefits are de rigueur and … Read More

Madhur Jaffrey is a Don Grandmother in Mr. Cardamom’s Music Video “Nani”

April 1, 2019

Madhur Jaffrey, erstwhile guardian of our cookbook collections and silver screen diva, blesses rapper Mr. Cardamom’s latest music video “Nani.” Her Ying-Yang-style turn as a crime syndicate-running, slap-you-till-you-cry, take-no-shit grandmother is the epitome of internety diaspora feelings. The video premiered online today and received a write-up in the Food section of the New York Times. … Read More

Ashni’s New Music Video “Weave” Uplifts Women and Selfhood

March 7, 2019

Ashni Davé is a musician of today – supported by a studied background in classical music and Kathak dance, her music is trained but her aspirations have an unrestrained DIY energy. Her melodies and vocals are beautifully solid while her visuals take on the flighty airiness of someone who leverages the space around her, everything … Read More

Kohinoorgasm’s “Chalo” Is a Tender Show of Femme Power

October 18, 2018

Artist Kohinoorgasm‘s latest music video “Chalo” premiered yesterday on the Fader. Depicting a picnic respite by the ocean, the video by director Jing Niu is all about soft touches and sisterhood. “‘Chalo’ celebrates cultures of queer femme mutual support and queer femme abundance despite misogyny’s attempts to deplete us of our power and magic,” Kohinoorgasm … Read More

Art on the Internet: Seema Mattu

October 9, 2018

British artist, Seema Mattu’s Electric Toothbrush (2016) begins with a question: “Have you seen a C-grade Indian adult film before?” It flashes on the screen for only a moment before the video begins in full force, but it sets a tone for what is to come. The text is written in a calligraphic font, an … Read More

Art On The Internet: Gelare Khoshgozaran

July 6, 2018

For the first iteration of “Art on the Internet,” Kajal features the video and text-based work of Iranian writer, interdisciplinary artist, and translator, Gelare Khoshgozaran. The Los Angeles-based artist allows visitors to her website open access to a sizable archive of both visual and textual works that confront a variety of problematics related to the … Read More

Jai Wolf’s Music Video “Indian Summer” Featuring Assad Keval Will Make You Swoon

August 3, 2017

Lead with wonder. चाँद पे…   chand pe… चाँद पे…   chand pe… चाँद पे…   chand pe… चाँद पे…   chand pe… चाँद पे ले गए…   chand pe le gaye… चाँद पे ले गए…   chand pe le gaye…  चाँद पे ले गए यार मेरे…   chand pe le gaye yaar mere These are … Read More

Browntown Ep 2: Shahana Hanif

November 21, 2016

Community organizer and activist Shahana Hanif advocates for her people in the Bangladeshi neighborhood of Kensington in Brooklyn, New York. She focuses primarily on language access, disability justice and female leadership. In Browntown’s second episode, Shahana walks us through Kensington and points out the familiar mosques, activism groups, and discusses what it’s like to live … Read More

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