Here Are A Bunch of Racist Mailers That Are Also Offensively Tacky

November 8, 2017

Since bigotry and fearmongering continue to be a winning political strategy in US elections, it’s not a surprise that many candidates during this off-year cycle have cashed in on anti-immigrant, racist rhetoric and campaign imagery. It is worth noting, though, as the 2017 elections wrap up, how blatantly obvious and revolting this messaging was in … Read More

South Asian Women Respond To Azealia Banks With #CurryScentedBitch

May 11, 2016

  In rapper Azealia Banks’ most recent unprompted twitter diatribe she targeted previous boy-bander and current beloved desi munda Zayn Malik, calling him, among other things, a p*ki, a sand n***a, and a fa***t. The tweets are included below, trigger warning for wildly bigoted and uncreative slurs. She also uploaded a Periscope entitled “Sand N***a” … Read More