Unfolding The Saree With Studio Kohl

October 27, 2016

This ain’t your mama’s saree. The sari is a fixture — a humble or extravagant six to nine yards of fabric, tied with mathematically precise pleats and in such a way to hide and expose simultaneously. It is draped on everyone from world leaders to laborers. The sari is a constant in South Asia. “Unfolding the Saree,” a new … Read More

Thoughts on Gaysi Zine, India’s First Queer Graphic Anthology

January 20, 2016

As a literary form, the anthology has, over the last few decades, captured and expanded the range of conflicting emotions, experiences, and politics that define queer South Asian lives. Perhaps the best-known example is Rakesh Ratti’s edited volume from 1993, A Lotus of Another Color, which finds new life in the recently published anthology Moving … Read More