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Some of Indian cinema’s most forgotten stars are going to meet Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a charity benefit for Hindu victims of terrorism.

The Republican Hindu Coalition must’ve prayed really hard to make this happen because Trump kinda hates India. Apparently Indians are taking all the jobs and call centers suck. But eh, racist tomato racist tomatoe.

To be honest it’s hard to take the RHC seriously at all since it’s run by the most uncley of uncles. When asked on Tipping Point why he endorses Trump, RHC head Shalabh Kumar said, “Well, he’s a businessman.”

Kumar then went on to “delineate” the “four Fs” of apparently Hindu values that Trump embodies, including fiscal discipline. You’re going to need a lot of black label to get through the rest.

Really the only reason why there is an RHC is because the Republicans have become a bastion for the same anti-Muslim fervor espoused by drunk Indian men after every Diwali party.

As secretary of Indian-Americans for Trump Dave Makkar wrote on the Hindus for Trump Facebook page, “Trump is anti-Pakistan and pro-India. It’s simple. Hilary is anti-Indian and pro-Pakistan, Trump is pro-India and anti-Pakistan.”

Got your head around that?

The event, which is unironically called “Humanity United Against Terror” though its focus is only Hindu victims, itself is a load of nonsense. According to Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor’s representative said the actor didn’t even know about the event.

So it all might be a hoax. Or it might be real. Regardless, it’s obviously a mess.