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It accepts students who want to continue their education.

The Sahaj International School, which opened at the beginning of the year, is the first of its kind — it is the only school in India which is run by and enrolls transgender citizens.

The Kochi school, located in the Southern state of Kerala, opened with six students. It’s open to all trans adults in the state aged 25–50 who want to continue their education.

School head Vijayraja Mallika told Gay Star News that Kerala, while the first state in the country to pass anti-discrimination policy for its trans citizens, still boasts high dropout rates among trans students.

“Kerala has some 25,000 transgenders, and 57% of them were forced to drop out of school due to stigma,” she said.

The school has high hopes to expand their reach and resources for incoming students in the future.

“This is a model centre,” Mallika said. “Once proved successful, we will expand the facilities and admit more people, from across India.”