Thursday, August 16

Travel Diaries: A Memory Project of Holidays in the 90s

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Living in the north of the country, most of our family holidays used to be in the Himalayas. I remember going to Manali, Shimla, Nainital, Mussorie and Kathmandu with my family in the 90’s. It was a common memory that I’m sure most kids could identify with. Similar photos can be seen in every family’s photo albums.




Mt Abu

Today there’s a culture of solo travel, especially abroad. People are no longer restricted to the geographical distance of the destination, or even the limitations of a nation’s borders. Back then, a holiday was a getaway from the city life and a chance to spend time with family. There was little importance given to the idea of exploring a new culture. Travel has changed considerably in the last decade, which led to fewer getaways to the Himalayas with my family.






Photos courtesy of author.


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