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Vogue India decided to put Kendall Jenner on the cover of their last issue and people are NOT having it. For many, it would have been more valuable to see actual Indians on the cover — especially Indians that aren’t represented by mainstream media like Vogue.

This is especially surprising given that Kendall’s been pretty problematic about Indian culture in the past.

Kendall has been in the headlines a lot recently. From the Pepsi ad to this, now, she is usually let off the hook by media for the problematic ways she’s complicit in the actions of companies like Vogue and Pepsi. People on Twitter, however, are less forgiving.

The shoot was a collaboration between Vogue India and Mario Testino, a fashion photographer. It signifies a deeper problem with Vogue India, a magazine that has previously done problematic pieces on the exploitation of labor in India by clothing companies abroad:

The magazine has also culturally appropriated Native American attire in their photoshoot with Alia Bhatt & Sidharth Malhotra for their March 2016 issue.

Source: Bharatbytes


When will the whitewashing end.