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Bollywood is truly universal.

Seriously, though. I discovered this endearing video of white people dancing to Bole Chudiyan with some impressive precision on Twitter, captioned with “CAN SOMEONE CLARIFY WHAT NATIONALITY THEY ARE….”

Turns out they’re Albanian. Because let’s be real. This kind of earnest attempt at recreating a famous Bollywood dance number does not happen in Donald Trump’s America. It didn’t even happen before Donald Trump’s America.

One Twitter user responded like this, echoing my initial reaction.

I didn’t know what to think. I have been groomed to consume bumbling, slapstick mockeries of my culture — that’s the American way. So when I first saw the video screenshot, I thought it would be a big joke. But it wasn’t. Watching it made me…happy.

There is one other time this has happened. Remember this?

Sure, Schmidt also did a Bollywood dance for Cece in New Girl, but that was scripted. This is real. Just some nice, Albanian white people having fun and appreciating Indian culture, feeling no threats and being cool.

Bring them to America!

And if you still don’t get it or simply are not down, that’s fine. Just forget it and enjoy the original: