After the emotional high tides from the two eclipses this past July, the Sun’s shift into Leo brings about the end of Mercury Retrograde. The planet of communication, Mars, will appear to stand still in the sky and begin moving at its usual forward speed from July 31 onwards. On that same day New Moon in Leo appears in the sky offering up a fresh start. Leo season encourages us to offer up our most enthusiastic selves and embrace our eccentricities.

The Sun is the center of our solar system and the ruler of Leo. This being said, if you have any Leo placements in your chart you might actually feel as if the world revolves around you. Believe this time to be an energetic time where you can channel generous, loyal and courageous characteristics into your life or others. Leos have a flair for leaving others awakened and revitalized in an empowering way. Practice expressing yourself more during this month; this can take you one step closer to achieving your goals as Leos are natural born leaders.

Keep in mind that as a fixed sign, also known as a stabilizer, Leo Season is the time to set up solid goals and work towards them. Carry this energy with you into the month of August. And as the season changes, remind yourself where you are on your journey thus far.

**Sun signs represent only a fraction of who you are on an astrological level and can lend itself as inaccurate without taking into consideration your moon and rising signs when reading your monthly predictions.**

All art by Nandini Moitra


Your birthday month is bound to be filled with growth and opportunity. The heavens encourage you to celebrate your accomplishments thus far and set new goals for your future hopes and dreams. Your instinctive nature allows for generosity and an open heart which will benefit you in your creative pursuits.

Embrace the new beginnings with the New Moon in Leo on August 15th. Think about how your actions are serving you and if you can better align what you do with how you feel on a day to day basis.


Leo season helps you heal past emotional issues with ease; be willing to receive help from those you trust this month. August is a time for you to venture out of your shell and challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.

As Jupiter has been in your sign since last August, it’s time for you to reap what you have worked for these last 12 months. Along with Mars in the sign of your Sun, this is the time to become clear in your desires. It’s okay to be selfish, dear Virgo.


Leo seasons makes room for connections with friends, regenerating any aspect of your energy that’s been weakening. Your social life and interactions are doorways to good luck and this time is especially lucky.

Spend time with those who energize and encourage you. But at the same time monitor your own energy, are you adding an energy that is happy and uplifting to those around you? Remember this as you navigate this month. As long as your needs are met and you honor your feelings, be generous and trusting enough to share your resources. More will always come.


Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, is still in retrograde until August 30, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be feeling the rebirth all through August. Pluto began its retrograde journey on March 24 and this time signals a time of healing and regeneration for you dear Scorpio.

Use this month to take inventory of your talents and abilities, become unapologetic about your expertise. You’ll feel more in charge of your work and professional affairs as the New Moon in Leo falls in your house of career. Use this energy to reevaluate your goals. When you know when you are clear and focused on what you want, the universe will listen.


With Pluto in your sign moving forward you feel comfortable with expressing your knowledge, dear Sagittarius. As the student of the zodiac, you have honed certain skills and learned new techniques in your career. To keep balance, rely on your natural optimism and philosophical nature guide you through encounters this month.

Leo season fires up your career with opportunities to grow and create. Think about how you can liberate yourself from archaic practices in your career sector. August pushes you to be unapologetic about your expertise, remind yourself of the work you have put in thus far.


Although Cancer season has passed, this month Venus enters your relationship house in the emotional sign of Cancer. Normally reserved by nature, dear Capricorn, your relationships push you to express your feelings and your sensitivities. Lean into the discomfort and allow yourself to open up to the fire that comes with Leo season. Allow your softer side to emerge as you nurture others and allow yourself to be nurtured.

The Leo New Moon focuses on your house of intimacy; this will allow you to decide how you want to connect with others whether it be intellectually, philosophically, or financially.


The focus is on relationships this month, dear Aquarius, as the Sun in Leo falls in your 7th house. Think about what you want to create in your relationships, as the New Moon in Leo on the 15th is an opportunity to plant the seeds for whatever you desire.

You may not know exactly what you want now as Uranus has been in retrograde since June 10. Take this month to reflect back on any blockages you find in your relationships with others or with yourself, and you will find you can navigate these situations more easily. Dive into learning about yourself, maybe even learn more about your love languages. Reflect and contemplate this month; once you know who you really are, you can begin to figure out what you need from others.


Leo season is all about productivity for you, dear Pisces. Take this month as a sign to map out your six month plan related to work and career. This month also places heavy emphasis on connections. Connection with yourself is first and foremost, encourage good health by making sure you are putting yourself in places that bring you the most benefit.

With expansive, Jupiter, transiting your 7th house for the last year, the spotlight has also been on your connections with others. The more you can learn about what really attracts you and why, the happier you’ll be. Use this month as a meditative time to bring about a manifestation of what you desire. As such an idealistic sign it is possible for you to call almost anything into your life.


This lunar cycle will lead you closer to your ability to the life you want. As the pioneer of the zodiac, it is very possible for your driven and motivated characteristics to take you far in life. But, when your ruling planet Mars cycles into Virgo, the most productive sign of the zodiac, you may fall into confusion. To avoid this, take time to slow down.

Although paying attention to detail is not something you tend to do, treat this as a challenge. There’s new excitement in taking time to make sure what you’ve created is useful and of service to others. Surely this feels like a departure from your usual habits, dear Aries, but it is something that will be of help to you. Abundance is headed your way remember that the more you share it with those around you, the more you’ll feel you have.


After eclipse season you finally begin to have clarity about what you really love, value, and appreciate. Venus turns direct after several months of retrograde which has taken patience, persistence and determination. Venus completes a four-month journey in Gemini, the sign of communication, which may result in ease of expressing yourself.

Venus flows into Cancer at the beginning of the month urging you to spend time with loved ones as you have been caught up in your head recently. This is the perfect time to find your personal sanctuary. Invite only what brings you closer to clarity.


Leo season bears an abundance of connections for you, dear Gemini. Channel gratitude this month as you have successfully navigated the cloudy waters that is eclipse season. Your relationships have been giving you more intense feelings than your typical air sign is used to. But keep in mind that digging deep into your emotions and vulnerability brings peace and harmony with others.

Pluto has been retrograde in your 7th house, the house of partnership. If things have felt out of control fear not, trust and surrender to a power greater than yourself. By the end of the month Pluto will move forward again. Take time this month to ask yourself what you have learned from the past few months to take with you into the second half of the year.


August equals abundance, dear Cancer! Focus on your awareness on the connections you have made during the month previous. As an emotional sign, it’s integral that you take inventory of your feelings each day. Meditate or journal what you feel in the moment. This will take a level of self-discipline and responsibility which may be something you have to relearn.

Saturn which transits in Cancer will guide you to feel greater self-discipline. In addition, Venus enters your sign this month which can bring about feelings of appreciation for your nurturing and sensitive side. Allow yourself to be open to new ways of being as you open to new avenues of creative self-expression.